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Coaching skills for managers full course (managers)


In today’s work environment, it is increasingly being recognised that one of the many roles of a manager is to coach staff on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Coaching is therefore no longer an occasional ‘extra’ in the workplace, or something that has to be formally arranged to solve or support with a particular issue.

Instead, coaching has become a daily ‘essential’ in order to ensure employees are supported and developed continually. This coaching skills training course will help you provide your managers with tips, ideas and the confidence to begin their journey coaching their staff. Build confidence. Build knowledge. Share experiences and ideas.


This course has 11 modules plus pre and post questionnaires.

  1. Introduction to coaching
  2. Identifying coaching opportunities
  3. How adults learn
  4. Coaching skills
  5. The coaching meeting
  6. Dealing with difficult issues
  7. The GROW coaching model
  8. Coaching scenarios
  9. Motivating others
  10. Coaching in practice
  11. Test your coaching skills knowledge


  • Delegate handouts
  • Scenario briefs
  • Trainer notes for 11 modules
  • Pre and post-course questions
  • Optional Presentation


  • Sand Timer
  • “Coaching scenario” activity cards
  • Sticky notes
  • “Criticism or constructive feedback” activity cards
  • “Difficult situation” activity cards
  • “The GROW model” activity cards
  • 80 counters
  • 2 buzzers



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