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Discipline & dismissals full course (trainers)


We know managing disciplining and dismissing staff is not what the average manager wants to be doing each day. But these are really important parts of the management role and, if not done well, can cost enormous sums to put right!

It was once the case that 80% of unfair dismissal claims were won as a result of the company messing up on procedure, and not because the employee really shouldn’t have lost their job. What an unnecessary waste of company time and resources! Getting it right is essential, but to do that your managers need to feel confident and competent.

Now you can develop your managers’ skills with our fully editable managing discipline and dismissals training materials. Build confidence. Build knowledge. Share experiences and ideas.


  1. Knowing what you are dealing with
  2. The disciplinary process
  3. Disciplinary investigations
  4. Disciplinary hearings and appeals
  5. Absence and grievances during disciplinaries
  6. Practical application of skills
  7. Knowledge check



  • Delegate handouts
  • Scenario briefs
  • Comprehensive trainer notes for six modules
  • Feedback form
  • Delegate certificate
  • Optional presentation


  • “Who’s in the Bag?” activity cards
  • “Bad or Very Bad?” activity cards
  • Two sets of “Order Order” activity cards
  • Three “Misconduct Mats”
  • Letters

*Activity cards may differ from those shown in the image.



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