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Managing appraisals full course (trainers)


Appraisals = highly engaged, motivated staff committed to working towards the organisation’s vision!

Not quite there? Many organisations struggle to see the benefit in conducting appraisals. Unfortunately, as a result, appraisals are often seen as a paperwork exercise, and we all know that an appraisal conducted badly is worse than no appraisal at all!

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way! Appraisals are a fantastic opportunity for managers to spend quality time with their staff, ensure they are really focussed and committed to the organisation’s goals and feel highly motivated and engaged.

PLEASE NOTE: These are face-to-face classroom training materials, if you need virtual training materials suitable for online delivery, we can also supply these, please contact us for more information.


This course has eight module plus a pre-course questionnaire.

  1. What are the benefits of appraisals?
  2. Planning and preparation
  3. Structuring and managing the review meeting
  4. Objective setting
  5. Essential skills for conducting an appraisal
  6. Practice scenarios
  7. Test your knowledge
  8. Bonus session for employees


  • Delegate handouts
  • Scenario briefs
  • Trainer notes for 8 modules
  • Pre-course questions
  • Optional Presentation


  • “Which Step?” activity cards
  • “To Grow or Not to Grow?” activity cards
  • 2 pictures for questioning activity
  • 4 percussion instruments

*Activity card colours may differ from those shown in image.



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