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Motivating, engaging & retaining staff full course (trainers)


Organisational culture can have a major impact on the motivation, engagement and retention of staff, but managers have a critical role too. Survey after survey suggests that employees leave because of their manager and not because of the organisation or what they are paid. Therefore line managers need to take the time to learn the skills to motivate, engage and retain their staff, even if, traditionally, the expectation has been that this is the role of the leadership team rather than managers.

If managers can succeed in this area then the productivity of the team will increase, the cost of recruiting and replacing will reduce and the manager will be in a strong position to impact the achievement of organisational goals.

So here’s our solution! Now you can develop your line managers’ skills with these training materials.

PLEASE NOTE: These are face-to-face classroom training materials, if you need virtual training materials suitable for online delivery, we can also supply these, please contact us for more information.


  1. Motivation, engagement and retention in the workplace
  2. Introduction to motivating employees
  3. Are you a good motivator?
  4. Tackling motivation
  5. Motivating the team
  6. Introduction to employee engagement
  7. Engaging employees
  8. Employee retention
  9. Team building
  10. Assessing levels of motivation and engagement
  11. Your return on investment
  12. Review and recap


  • Delegate handouts
  • Scenario briefs
  • Trainer notes for 12 modules
  • Pre-course thought provoker
  • Feedback form
  • Delegate certificate
  • Optional Presentation
  • Printable versions of activity cards


  • “What Cost?” activity cards
  • “Motivate Me!” activity cards
  •  “Challenge” activity cards
  • Laminated signs
  • Soft ball
  • Plastic chain
  • Dice



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