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Staff (employee) representatives full course (managers)


Develop your new staff representatives or refresh your existing staff representatives knowledge with our fantastic Effective Staff Representation training kit.

We have trained up hundreds of representatives across hundreds of organisations in every sector. Some of these are appointed for day-to-day and ongoing consultation, whilst others have been appointed as a result of an upcoming change management programme. In these materials, we share our learning, ideas and provide the materials you will need when inducting new staff representatives or to refresh the existing representatives in your organisation.


This course has 8 modules.

  1. Employee Consultation
  2. What makes a great representative?
  3. Listening and questioning skills
  4. Representing your colleagues
  5. The representatives’ role at formal meetings
  6. Change
  7. Appropriate assertiveness and self-presentation
  8. Effective team working


  • Pre-course questionnaire.
  • Comprehensive trainer pack, handouts and optional PowerPoint.
  • Three sets of professionally printed activity cards – posted to you.


Individual modules from this course are not available to purchase, it is sold as a full course (8 modules) only. This is because certain elements from the different modules in this course rely on each other for knowledge and development, so it is most beneficial for delegates to have access to the whole course.

Our sister company Jaluch provides staff representative training, if you do not have someone in house to deliver this course. The courses can also cover TUPE, redundancy, employment law or GDPR if these are requirements of the staff representatives.




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