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Why Training Wizard?

We began developing training kits to sell in 2013. We have come a long way since selling our first courses which we initially branded Bags of Learning. Developing our own training materials in house and then using those materials to create training kits for those businesses that want to deliver training themselves has become a work in progress.

It was several trips to Saudi, Qatar and the Emirates that inspired our first training kits. So many organisations had so many delegates to train and often it was impractical to use external trainers for both cost and time effectiveness reasons.

So the idea was to create training kits, then deliver train the trainer sessions to internal staff who would then roll out the training. Much more effective in so many ways!

Meanwhile in the UK market, more companies were wanting to deliver training by the hour rather than the day which meant it was no longer practical to use an external trainer to deliver. Training budgets were being slashed or significantly reduce meaning less money available for training and also many of the more forward thinking companies said they wanted line managers to get more involved with training their own staff – after all who knows them better? So our training kits were the perfect solution for in house delivery… Cost effective, time effective, flexible. What more could companies want?

We hope you enjoy using our training materials and if you want any training developed bespoke for your own organisation please do ask!

Our mission

Giving you total flexibility

Our training materials provide organisations with total flexibility when it comes to how training is developed and delivered. It’s training that fits around you.

Filling in the 'skill gaps'

Some business don’t have the internal skill set to create training materials, but they do have the skill set to deliver. Others have the skill set, but are too pressed for time to develop what they need. Our training materials help you fill in those skill gaps.

Look like a professional

Our comprehensive trainer notes makes it easy to understand the subject matter your dealing with, they are easy to follow and help you look like an absolute pro, even without any prior training experience.

Keeping it simple

Our training materials are written in plain English so they are easy to follow and understand, what’s more, you simply select the topics which are of interest to you, purchase and then instantly download … you’re ready to deliver.

Inspire learners

One of the most important things is having alert and engaged delegates otherwise no one be listening or learning! Our training materials are designed to keep up energy, motivation and participation in your training sessions, by using real-life examples and interactive exercises – delegates will walk away feeling inspired!

Saving you money

Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday! We want our materials to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve kept our prices as low as possible, even offering discounts on multiple purchases and full courses (6+ modules) whilst maintaining the highest quality training materials.

Let’s make training fun!

If training isn’t engaging, chances are delegates will switch off and not learn! So we integrate unique games, interactive exercises and quiz based activities into all our training materials to ensure you deliver training that is not only engaging, it has the wow factor and most importantly, is enjoyable for delegates to attend! What’s more, the tools, models, and approaches in our training materials are immediately applicable and easy to use once your delegates are back on the job.

A message from our managing director

I’m Helen Jamieson, Managing Director of Jaluch International, that has three brands: Training Wizard, HR Docs Wizard and H&S Docs Wizard.

My team of consultants in our sister company, Jaluch, has been supporting clients with their HR issues and delivering training to support both line managers and leaders for over 16 years. It is that same expert team that has now developed these training materials for you: over 100 modules covering all aspects of training and management on key topics.

Our training seeks to encourage participation, lots of fun exercises, quizzes and games to keep delegates engaged. Our trainers notes are designed for anyone who wants to deliver or facilitate a session. They are comprehensive and you do not need to be a professional trainer to use them. Digital exercises and e Learning is currently being developed and added as we go so why not keep a look out for what is changing!

If you have any feedback or suggestions about how we can further develop Training Wizard please do let us know.

Try our training for just £19!

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