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10 top tips for virtual training delivery

Libby. June 5, 2020

Given the recent explosion of online training, trainers are quickly having to adapt their facilitation skills to suit the virtual classroom. However, issues will arise when resources that were originally designed for the classroom, are being used in the online space, this simply won’t create engaging online training.

Equally, just because the learners aren’t in the room doesn’t mean they should be any less involved than they would be in a face-to-face session. For facilitators, this means constant interaction throughout, not talking at the camera for hours straight and just asking if anyone has questions at the end of the session.

It’s a big change! But based on recent experience and learning, here are 10 top tips for trainers who want to improve their success when facilitating online learning.

  1. Never just deliver the materials you used to deliver face-to-face, courses need to be fully redeveloped if they are to succeed in the virtual training environment.
  2. Don’t forget your icebreaker. Delegates need to be eased into the training just like any other course – make sure it’s ‘fun’ and doesn’t make learners feel uncomfortable.
  3. To make eye contact with delegates look into the camera, not at their picture (or your own) on the screen. This takes some practice!
  4. Open the session 15 mins early to give time to sort tech issues. You don’t want tech problems eating into your delivery time.
  5. Have your session hosted. A trainer can’t both deliver and do the tech if you want a smooth session. Your tech person can manage screen sharing, quizzes, break out rooms and the chat function.
  6. Stand up and move around. A static session with the trainer seated is likely to bore the pants off delegates.
  7. Take time to work on your tone and pitch. The more you can vary it the more chance of keeping your delegates engaged.
  8. Have a 10 min break every hour. Ask delegates to move around, grab a drink etc. during the break.
  9. Resist the urge to just lecture or present. You are a trainer so you still need to engage, have interaction, check learning as you go etc. Never hide behind a boring PowerPoint presentation. YOU are the main focus, slides should be used sparingly.
  10. Never allow delegates to turn off webcams unless they are causing connection problems. You wouldn’t let a delegate in front of you hide behind a book or not look up so don’t let your virtual delegate do it either.

Good luck!

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