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Customer service full course (managers)


These training materials are designed for managers, supervisors or anyone else that works in a customer facing role and wants to develop excellent customer service skills. There are comprehensive trainer notes included, so they are easy to pick up and deliver, even for someone with no prior training experience.

PLEASE NOTE: These are face-to-face classroom training materials, if you need virtual training materials suitable for online delivery, we can also supply these, please contact us for more information.


All of us will have numerous customer service experiences that vary from the absolutely outstanding to the downright useless and irritating.

The reality is that 99% of organisations have to work really hard to ensure the correct levels of customer service are delivered time after time, and right across the organisation, in order to support business goals. Great customer service does not just benefit organisations, as staff who provide poor or non-existent customer service often feel less satisfied in their work and are as a result less motivated.

So here’s the solution! This customer service training material will help you provide your managers with tips, ideas and the confidence to begin their journey to develop great customer service skills across your organisation.


This course has 12 one-hour (approx.) modules.

  1. Introduction to great customer service
  2. A great customer service provider
  3. Looking at communication skills
  4. The impact of self-esteem on customer service
  5. Stereotypes and perception
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Developing great questioning and listening skills
  8. Great presentation skills
  9. Great telephone customer service
  10. Difficult and aggressive behaviour
  11. New generation customer service
  12. Test your knowledge



  • Delegate handouts
  • Comprehensive trainer notes for 12 modules
  • Pre-course questions
  • Feedback form
  • Optional Presentation


  • “Fruit Salad” activity cards
  • “Communication Challenge” activity cards
  • “We Want to Win” activity cards
  • “Telephone Customer Service” activity cards
  • Soft ball
  • 13 felt pads
  • Coloured dice
  • 2 Wobblers



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